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how to take a challenge

Step 1

Are you and your friends looking for something new to do? Do you need a spontaneous idea for a special date? Click on:

Step 2

In the drop down menu, select the location where you want your challenge to take place (i.e. Guelph, Peterborough). 

Step 3

Henry's Bakery

12345 Drurry Lane, ON

123 456 7890

Come to Henry's Bakery and buy a cupcake for your sweetheart. Surprise them at work, and trade a little sugar for some sugar!

bakery hen.webp

Offer ends: July 30th, 2022                         Cost: $5

Andi's Axe Throwing Club

12345 Noname St

123 456 7890

Dress up like Vikings and go to Andi's Axe throwing club. Only speak using  one syllable words. "Me throw axe for fun!".


Offer ends: July 30th, 2022                         Cost: $15

Suzie's Sushi

12345 Sesame St

123 456 7890


Go to Suzie's Sushi restaurant with friends. Whoever eats the most wasabi gets their bill payed for by everyone else!


Offer ends: July 30th, 2022                         Cost: $25

A random challenge will then be presented for you and friends to complete within your community! 

A challenge will look like:

 You will be able to browse through all the other challenges by clicking the "Previous/Next Challenge" buttons.  

Step 4

The business which hosts the challenge will have all of their information displayed to help you connect with their services. Now it's time to get out there and complete your challenge!

Step 5

After you complete your challenge, take a picture of yourself at the host business. Post the picture on Instagram at #TACMACJACKPOT. Tag us and the business. Provide a brief description of the challenge you completed and the name of the business that hosted your challenge. This will automatically enter you for the chance to win our weekly charitable jackpot!



Step 6

Every Monday, a winner is randomly selected from all of that week's Instagram posts. The winner will be notified through Instagram, and has the power to direct the weekly jackpot to their favourite charity! 

See our list of eligible charities.

Step 7

The winner's choice of charity will then receive our weekly jackpot!

Step 8

Repeat steps 1-6 whenever you want to:

Engage with your community,
support small businesses,
and help fund charities!

For more information, see our FAQ's.

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