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Meet the Team


Nick Mitchell - TACMAC Founder

In my early career, I held many different occupations. I have worked as a lifeguard trainer/supervisor in Kenya, a scuba diver for Ripley's aquarium, a geothermal HVAC installer, and a chef out in British Columbia. Each position was a tremendous learning experience, but I always felt a deeper need for meaning. In 2019, my perspective of employment changed when I got involved in the non-profit

sector. I discovered the benefits and meaning in a job that puts others first. This is the same philosophy at the heart of my social enterprise. TACMAC puts communities and charities first.

Fun fact about me: I once beat David Ramsey in an obstacle course.

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Lucy Briggs - TACMAC Lead Designer

I am a lover of dogs and making beautiful things! I spent most of my career as a props artisan & touring carpenter for a number of American theatre productions. In recent years, I have begun to transfer my skills of the physical aesthetic to the digital realm. I am passionate about using my artistic eye to institute positive social change. My design contributions to TACMAC include logo creation, 

colour template, website layout, and making it look, overall, freaking awesome!


Fun fact about me: I love dogs!


Sam Douglas - Peterborough Representative

As Peterborough's representative, I help connect TACMAC to local businesses with a personal touch. If business owners prefer an in-person consult or hands-on support, I'm there to help! I am a student of Business, Sustainability, and Ethics at Trent University. I am passionate about creating a tangible, positive change within my immediate environment.

Fun fact about me: I have over 14 years of martial arts experience.

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